About Skewworks

Skewworks was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Aurora, IL. We provide solutions for embedded devices and websites as well as offering consulting services.

We believe that with a little creativity and a lot of determination, anything is possible. To that end, our debut project (Pyxis One) introduced a GUI operating system to the Arduino Mega. Pyxis came complete with a Virtual CPU, custom compiler and a firmware update that took the Liquidware TouchShield Slide from less than 1 frame a second to being capable of drawing a side scroller at over 12 FPS.

Our determination to bring ease-of-use to embedded devices for hobbyists and professionals alike has continued to the .NET MicroFramework. Here, we offer a wide range of completely free open-source software as well as commerical packages that cover a wide range of GUI applications, and starting at the end of 2012 we've added Gadgeteer hardware to our offerings.

Moving forward we will continue to provide open source materials, such as PicoMax (which was selected by Microsoft Cambridge to serve as a teaching tool), and commercial products that push the envelope of what embedded systems can do.