User Guide

Pyxis 2



Pyxis 2 is an open-source operating environment based on NETMF technology. Even though WPF has been completely removed from Pyxis it doesn't suffer for it; in fact applications are easier to develop and faster to respond than those developed with WPF.

Applications developed for Pyxis 2 follow almost the same methods as any other application. You can access hardware, include your own libraries, control threads, and anything else you could normally do. The difference is you have the full power of a complete GUI behind you. Choose from an array of custom controls including button, checkbox, combobox, listbox, label, picturebox, filebox and many more! All of our controls also allow you to set specific X/Y coordinates on the screen and all applications have access to menus. You can even assign your own icon to your application.

The Desktop features a translucent menubar, paging support and dynamic loading of application icons through LNK files (similar to Windows©®). Applications can easily be installed to the Desktop by clicking "File Finder > Send To Desktop" from inside the File Finder application. You can also access System Updates from the Desktop or anywhere else in Pyxis by clicking the Pyxis Icon and selecting "System Updates".